About the Bible


The Bible deals with every experience in life. It gives advice and help, instruction and warning, comfort and hope, correction and direction, predictions and promises.

The New Testament is the foundation document of the Christian faith. It presents the message of Jesus Christ and the impact of His life and teachings upon those who first witnessed them. It is more than a book and millions have found it to be an introduction to the person of Jesus.



The Bible is a book primarily about God's revelation of Himself to mankind and His relationship with people. It is not primarily a book of history, but its accounts of God's dealings with individuals and nations are as relevant to the modern world as they have been to every age since they were written.

It is not primarily a book of science, but it is not at variance with any proven scientific fact. Some of its statements reveal knowledge of the world of science that the writer could not have had apart from Divine revelation.

It is not primarily a book of philosophy. Nowhere does it argue for the existence of God. Yet the God it reveals has been known in a personal way by many of the greatest minds who have ever lived as well as by many millions of ordinary people. It speaks to every person from the simplest to the most sophisticated at his or her own level of understanding.

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