About The Gideons


In 1899 three commercial travellers in the USA formed an association of Christian businessmen to encourage each other in their Christian faith and to spread knowledge of God through personal evangelism and united service for the Lord Jesus Christ.

They chose the name Gideons after an Old Testament leader who, with a few chosen men, did a great work for God.

Today, over 250,000 members work in over 190 countries placing a total of over 80 million copies of the Word of God annually as well as witnessing personally for Christ. Internationally over 1.5 billion Scriptures have been presented.

Our objective is to share God's message of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ by personal witness and through placing Bibles and New Testaments into people's hands.

The Gideons became established in the British Isles in 1949. God has blessed the work of our National Association. To date over 30 million Gideon Bibles and Testaments have been presented nationally and there are 5,000 members involved in the work across Britain.

We are a non-denominational extended missionary arm of the Christian church. We work closely with Christian churches, for it is through them that we draw our membership and our prayer and financial support.