Presentation to HMPYOI Rochester


In March 2017, it was the pleasure of Medway Branch to make a presentation of 200 Badged Service Testaments for the prison staff and a Presentation Bible for the Governor via one of Rochester’s Chaplains, Beatrice Musindi.

HMPYOI Rochester has had a varied history being built on a former military site in 1874.  It was rebuilt in the early 20th century as the Borstal Institution under the direction of Evelyn Ruggles-Brise who was appointed Prison Commissioner in 1895 and responsible for implementing the recommendations of the Gladstone Committee.

The prison reformer founded this pioneer establishment giving inmates aged 16–21 a regime of education and industrial training rather than punitive treatment.  Subsequent similar establishments became known as “Borstals” and received statutory authority in 1908 continuing to 1983, when Rochester converted to a youth custody centre.

Further changes to the use of the site occurred until 2011, since when it caters for Young Offenders and Adult Category C offenders.  It has recently been announced that the site has been earmarked for major expansion to accommodate the increasing prison population.

It was a pleasure to meet Beatrice and she is eager to start presenting these Testaments to the staff and we pray they will be used to bring many to salvation and to trust in Christ as they contend with many pressures. 

Pictured is the chaplain Beatrice Musindi with Medway Gideon, Steve Brereton.  You will note that their logo features the central part of the original Institution and includes the wording “Making a Difference” and “Hope” and we pray that God’s Word will bring that to staff and prisoners alike.

Chris Clemence
Medway Branch